Sometimes there is Magic in the Air – Demonstrating the K9ZW Shack

Earlier this week I wanted to demonstrate the K9ZW Shack’s capabilities to our young friend Jorge, a Basque lad visiting from Spain, and I would have only a few moments to show off the Flex-5000A.

First we looked over the last hundred or so QSL cards that had arrived from the W9 Bureau, which piqued Jorge’s interests.

Showing Jorge how I power up the shack – everything from warming up the Rb-Frequency Source to starting the software in sequence – I knew I had only a few minutes in his tightly packed schedule to either “make an impression” or “make excuses.”

Sometimes there is Magic in the Air!

Almost immediately after power up I started looking for Caribbean stations – I usually have a good luck working the Islands on 20m and rather quickly we caught PJ2/K8ND in the Netherlands Antilles.

Now I had a guest in the shack who was asking questions and very interested in what could this small station do?

A quick check of the DX spots showed that the Japanese Amateur Radio League Antarctica club station had been heard & worked – could we do it from my station?

Well… it did take three calls because of the pile up… and I worked 8J1RL – some 16,000 KM distant – with a very solid 59+20 both ways!

What a wonderful five-minute demonstration – several quick solid contacts and then an exotic DX – 8J1RL – so solid as if to be in the next room! Jorge was very pumped with the contact and another friend of Amateur Radio was made! With the questions he asked on how to become licensed, maybe Jorge will join our hobby’s ranks in the years to come?!

Sometimes there really is that magic in the air!



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