Information Overload – Archiving Your Amateur Radio Literature Stacks?

Very curious what other radio amateurs do for keeping a handle on all the magazines and other information they receive?

Having stacks of QST, CQ and NCJ (National Contest Journal) magazines, with another set of stacks of great web-articles, project manuals and eBooks, is just not working here.

I mean, “where is that matching network article I saw last year in… hmm… well maybe in QST?”

And where did I put that cool web mini-eBook on Russian Phrases for the Radio Amateur???

One of my sons has suggested scanning anything of interest (or keeping it electronic if it was that way) and creating a private web-archive. Wouldn’t thank just become an electronic version of the same – albeit one that could be burned to a few disks?

Of the archivists among us, what do you suggest?

As for disposition of the stacks I have, I’m going to follow the idea of “spreading the wealth” and start dropping them off at hospitals, schools and waiting rooms – after I trim my address information off.

What do you do?




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3 thoughts on “Information Overload – Archiving Your Amateur Radio Literature Stacks?

  1. chuck humphrey says:

    Steve I also suffer from too much information ( literature ), and hard drive failure twice has left me without my ” stuff ” ……My xyl is playing repeats of “hoarders ” ! So if you discover an optimum solution , I for one will attempt yet another fix. n6lop / chuck

  2. Henry Mensch N6HCM says:

    choosing to get documents in electronic form (usually PDFs) can be helpful if the documents are done correctly. if they’re just scanned from paper then you reduce the physical clutter but are probably not searchable, but getting periodicals in this form would be awesome because they’d probably be searchable (so you get less clutter, extra portability, and features like searchability).

    of course, you’ll want to have regular backups …

  3. Steve, KB9MWR says:

    Usually there are only a few pages from each magazine that interest me. I do scan them, and tear them out and put them in a binder as well. Keeping the electronic copies organized is just as hard as the paper ones.

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