Mother Nature & Work – Sitting out the 2010 CQ WW SSB Contest

A combination of work taking away the first half and Mother Nature’s doings requiring my attention to a downed tree taking the second half – not to mention the tim needed to re-erecting my antennas after bringing them down due to the week’s huge storm – are filling this weekend, rather than the 2010 CQ WW SSB Contest I had hoped to at least casually operate.

At tower heights professional gear near my home registered sustained 84 MPH winds with higher peak gusts during this week’s storm. As a precaution when the storm dropped down enough to allow the tower to be safely lowered all the antennas were put into weather-safe mode.

A roughly 70-80 foot tree came down near the long wire antennas and the GAP vertical, though fortunately its base slid down my backyard’s ravine, clearing everything important, though it has left a 20 foot top sticking over the yard. It looks like the foremast of schooner ship! Sunday will be spent putting up several rings of scaffold on adjustable plates to safely get at the parts that need to be dropped. Expected an hour of prep-work for five-ten minutes of chainsaw-time. The ground is too uneven for a ladder, which also is too risky if anything goes amiss, and a lift would tear up the lawn.

Maybe in after work tasks I’ll find some time & open bands to run a few hours – just depends.

As for any serious personal self-challenge the 2010 CQ WW SSB Contest drops into my “wishful thinking” contest list.

Hope that YOU do get on air for the contest and score well! I’ll be thinking about the QSOs that I “coulda, shoulda, woulda” made if work and Mother Nature had let me keep my plans.



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One thought on “Mother Nature & Work – Sitting out the 2010 CQ WW SSB Contest

  1. Mike VE3WDM says:

    Good morning Steve, We too had the troubles of high winds from that storm last week. As for me my antennas are in the attic. Sounds like the weekend was not a dull one out your way for sure.

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