TWIAR & TWIARi’s back online, new website look

Received the following information from TWIARi, which has long been a favorite Podcast for me.

Glad to see them back



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After an off-an-on summer, This Week in Amateur Radio is coming back!

We have a new design you can view at

TWIAR International #297 is available for download. The Repeater version (Ham Service) I’m expecting to be uploaded soon. I was last told it would be Sunday but it’s still not up there. And thus…we wait!!!

The below message was posted to the site from Executive Producer George Bowen, W2XBS, last Saturday when the site went live with the new layout.

Please email any bug reports or suggestion to me at k4hsm.

Also, visit our Twitter and Facebook pages. The links are on the top right of the site.

Greg K4HSM

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An open letter to TWIAR listeners from W2XBS

Welcome to This Week in Amateur Radio’s official re-launch.

After a long summer hiatus, the team here at This Week in Amateur Radio has pulled everything back together to re-launch our audio services for the world-wide amateur radio community.

During the Spring of this past year, the release schedule for TWIAR became erratic at best. This was primarily caused by my dynamic work schedule which changes week to week, and by my firm commitment to a healthy lifestyle. During the summer of 2010, I travelled to Tenneesee and finally met with our webmaster, Greg Williams, K4HSM. Greg has been our webmaster for a really long time, and neither of us have met personally.

Over the past few months, Greg has totally redesigned our web site. While it was my job to figure out a scheduling system that will work to get our programs out on a regular basis. After discussions with our News Anchors and Segment Producers, a new script release and recording system was worked out. In the weeks to come, we will be releasing programs weekly for the ham service (and podcast) as well as our International program for WBCQ Radio (podcast as well).

However, a few changes will be taking place.

First, This Week in Amateur Radio International will be released as a single broadcast quality mp3 each week.

Second, our over the air ham service, This Week in Amateur Radio will be released as a single high quality mp3. This Week in Amateur Radio Headline News will no longer be produced. The running time of the ham service will be reflective of the news happening in each week, and the length of our weekly special features. For those that may still need a shorter version of the program, please download an audio editor (such as Audacity, which is free) import the mp3 into the editor and cut the program to your needs.

For those that were using the static file version for your repeater sites, we will still support that need, however the available file will be the full length ham version.

Also, almost all of our staff is available on Facebook, Twitter, and on personal blogs. TWIAR itself also has a Facebook page, and it is there that I will be posting most TWIAR release updates. The links are at the top of the page.

Well that’s it. We’re back. Please feel free to report any bugs or broken links to Greg as we work through the new web site.

As before, I am ALWAYS on the search for new news anchor talent, or segment producers, so if that tickles your fancy and you have time to contribute, please contact me for more details.

George – W2XBS

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