The Social Topband

Was discussing 2m repeater usage, and how I’m so very seldom on the local repeaters (where IS that HT these days, much less is it even charged).

At first I supposed that I didn’t participate in Social Nets, but as the discussion went on I realized that I do participate in Social Nets.

Just that they are on Topband (160 meters) rather than 2m repeaters.

Over the last several years I have found it a pleasure to fire up the rig & amp, and work SSB nets on the 160 meter band.

The quality of conversation is really not all that different, though it tends to not have the coarseness of some of the 80m and 40m nets.

Distances are modest, with my limited antenna farm able to hear to the East Coast on a good night, but usually just a couple state & province circle.

It does take a bit more doing – the 160 meter antenna is my longest wire outside, and working without the Alpha 78 amp to help overcome my station’s antenna compromises & the nature of 160m is a bit futile.  Barefoot 160m with my half-sloper is not “reach out and touch somebody” SSB operations.

On occasion I’ve worked Topband digital, with good success.

For myself, I often check into the 0000z “Every Night 160m Net” at 1.895 and sometimes a less formal net at 1.872.

In various regions of the country Topband net time & frequency will vary, often centered on Civil Twilight in the center of the typical net footprint.

If you can put together the gear I would recommend giving the “Gentleman’s Lounge” Topband nets a try!



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One thought on “The Social Topband

  1. Jeff says:

    TopBand always used to be my favorite, for the same reasons you have noted. Friendly ops, casual operation and no frenetic chase for DX…

    I miss TopBand, especially on cold winter evenings when the band was quiet.

    73 de Jeff KE9V

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