Autumn Routine at K9ZW

It seems the days are very busy here – my work, youngest Vic KC9NWB playing High School Football, middle Winston KC9FVR doing the college search as he starts his senior year, and Tom KC9JGD working hard at University on his engineering degree. Travel for the XYL to visit her family and the myriad of little things that come up (Cars needing service/replacing, Household projects and more) make for a temporary period short on Radio Operation Hours.

No point in outlining good intentions (like today’s Hellschrieber Sprint set aside for the need to test drive a replacement car for our soon to be retired 960 Wagon).

Penciled together an Outside Antenna & Task list that simply must be squeezed in before Winter. The DX Engineering Tip-Over Base and feedline installation for a remote locate of the GAP Titan DX Vertical needs to be completed now that it “after-Mosquitoes” and “before-Snow.”

Whether I can squeeze in an installation of the K9AY Listening Array I would like to add. Not even going to order it unless I can clear enough time for an installation.

Once Winter comes I have oodles of inside projects – kits to build, station upgrades, upgrades to the Rb-Freq Reference and more!

Posts here may be a bit sparse as I focus on the outside tasks!



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One thought on “Autumn Routine at K9ZW

  1. Kuby, N6JSX says:

    Hang in there, it only gets more complicated and expensive! Soon will be marriages then grand-kids, you never get a break or any extra time! Ya got to plan for ‘time’ and take it when you can!

    That is one reason I put a HF station in my SUV – now if the darn cell phone would stop ringing while I’m QSO’ing on da road.

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