REPOST: Another Nixie Clock Project – ArduiNIX

*** A friend had asked for copies of the Dekatron & Nixie Tube Posts***

***which seems a good excuse to repost them ***

ArduiNIX Demonstration from Flock of Butterflies

The last circuit boards have arrived and I am again experimenting with Nixie Tubes and Clock Making.

This project uses an ArduinoArduino Shield” and Display Board from ArduiNIX with the small IN-17 tubes providing the display.

Flock of Butterflies has a great series of articles on the ArduiNIX:

The ArduiNIX also has a forum at Robot Pirate’s:

I’ve covered writing about the Arduino “brain” before, but if you’d like to read more about this project the Main Arduino proge page is:

I’m hoping to scale-up the display board for the larger IN-12 Tubes I would like to use, but first to get the clock running.



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