Housekeeping at K9ZW

A few housekeeping things going on here.

First I will be taking down the two sister blogs to “With Varying Frequency – Amateur Radio Ponderings” or at least making them private while I decided what content to archive before they disappear.

Reason? I simply lack time to use the outlets effectively. What I do have to say also doesn’t lend it self to the journalized FIFO format of blogs.

Some of the content may reappear in a web format, or might not. We’ll see this winter.

On to this Blog’s housekeeping – after a couple seasons with the same WordPress Blog-Theme I am reviewing other Themes and hope to move significant educational content to a non-blog web format. There is no easy way for a new Radio Amateur to navigate the 1000 plus blog articles in this format – truth be known as the Blog Owner I don’t have much more in the way of tools to reference the material.

Then again I may just archive and/or print out the useful stuff and let the Blog sit as is.

Though that isn’t fully consistent with my goal of “sharing back” to the Amateur Radio community what people have been kind enough to teach & share with me, it would be much more realistic in respect the present limitations on my time.

One suggestion of grouping the articles into several on-demand email campaigns intrigues me. The idea would be that if you share an interest in a topic I have an email campaign prepared for, that you would “subscribe” to that email campaign receiving one article after another, but only when you caused it to be sent by replying to the latest email from the campaign you’ve already received (and hopefully read).

The idea is that a person could collect the related email articles as an on-demand briefing format.




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One thought on “Housekeeping at K9ZW

  1. Mark KJ6EUO says:

    Hi, as a new HAM that has been reading and enjoying your blog for the last few months and an avid web user and website creator perhaps my comments would help you in making your choice.
    I don’t see any reason to take what you have down. It is useful information and even if the organization is not optimal, Google will lead people to the content that they are looking for. I think I found you with a search about antenna design.
    I can see where a blog is not easy to use as a reference and I wonder if a wiki would meet your goals. You could start articles and also allow others to join in and help with filling in and fleshing out content.
    As a new HAM I have found it very hard to find the answers to very simple questions. I now know what a BNC is for instance but it’s not self explanatory and most HAM literature blazes over that kind of thing with no explanation. A wiki would allow for cross referenced articles to fill in the details.
    I could start one, and I may yet, but you have an active following (I assume I am not the only reader) So you could bring that over to the new project.
    A Wiki could be controlled so that only approved HAMs have edit privileges to simplify the process of content control and vandalism prevention.
    Just one point of view
    73 Mark KJ6EUO

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