Hilberling PT-8000 – On? Off? or Maybe?

Hilberling 2010 Show Announcement

Hilberling 2010 Show Announcement

What is the status of the Hilberling PT-8000 Transceiver? Seems a resounding, umm…. maybe…..

Hilberling and TELEFUNKEN had announced a joint venture to bring the PT-8000 fully to market. Word in from a radio friend and corresponpondent at the Friedrichshafen Radio Show is:

Hello Steve,

while visiting Ham Radio in Friedrichshafen today, I went to the Hilberling booth. The cooperation with Telefunken Racoms is definitely off – the sales engineer was visibly displeased with my question :-)

I asked about the status of the transceiver. The reply was “you can order today, first units will ship in 4 months”. Manufacturing will be done by Hilberling, the sales engineer said that it was planned to involve Telefunken Racoms only in marketing otherwise (I had heard otherwise).

73 from sunny [Germany]

So again the radio is “almost ready” and the marketing partnership to bring it to market is in flux.

Here is the latest Hilberling cut sheet on the radio:

Hilberling 2010 Sales Sheet

Hilberling 2010 Sales Sheet

More when we learn it!



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