Thoughts after 1000 Posts

Going back to my first blog entries, I thought it would be worth an update:

Welcome to With Varying Frequency – Amateur Radio Ponderings.

With so much to learn about Amateur Radio, the use of Internet Based Communications to coordinate & share Amateur Radio, and Netiquite there seemed only one way to go – to simply jump right in!

I still have so much to learn – what a wonderful hobby where the opportunity to learn and do more never stops!

I’ve been greatly taken by the Feeds & Blogs of great amateur radio works like 100 Pound DXpedition by Scott NE1RD and Long Delayed Echoes by Jeff KE9V. I highly recommend you check out their projects.

Both Scott NE1RD and Jeff KE9V have changed what they are doing, both with great success. Scott NE1RD has done more DXpeditions, used his leadership to get the MassCon QRP event launched, written great things and seems busy as all get out.

Jeff KE9V has morphed his Blog several times – well really LOTS of times – and is on the cusp of launching a new Audio Series at this time called “Cornbread Row.” Again his creative output is huge, impressive and an influence on the amateur radio community.

I’m hoping to be able to touch a few topics I’ve stumbled across & share some the lessons about amateur radio I’ve had the good fortune of learning!

It is NOT my intention to post daily, or even on a set schedule, or to compete with established references, feeds and blogs.

It is my goal to share links to these fine works and maybe help another radio amateur in their efforts!

I am still doing Hamcrams, coaching (Elmering) where possible and now have an all-ham household! Lots more to do thought!

Ponderings on the K9ZW Shack 21 – January – 2007

My ham shack has been in transition for the last year, with an end goal of acheiving specific goals of:

Being Able to Hear Other Stations Much Better
Being Able to be Selective About What I do Hear
Being Able to Work those Stations I Hear
Expanding the Bands I can Work
Allowing QRO (Amplifier) Operations Safely
Moving the Vertical Antenna, the XYL’s (Wife’s) #1 Goal in My Station’s Upgrades
Reducing Actual or Potential RFI
Having Fun doing the Upgrades
I’ll try expanding on each of the goals, what worked, what didn’t, and what might be planned for further upgrades.

At the start of the project the then KB9GPN Shack consisted of:

A Dell Desktop Running Windows XP Home
A Ten-Tec Pegasus with Internal Autotuner for HF
A Yaesu FT-90R 2m & 440 transceiver
A GAP Titan DX Vertical badly located (long story – future post)
A Homebrew Dipole from the ARRL Antenna Building Class
A Homebrew 2m Welding-rod Antenna made for the same class
Software being run was:

N4PY’s Pegasus Control Software
MixW Digital & Logging Program
N4PY’s Spotter Program
Buckmaster Hamcall Database
Operations were pretty much limited to 20m, 17m, some 30m, and 2m, mostly due to antenna limitations and RFI issues with the GAP reacting to copperwork gutters, steel members in the house framing I wasn’t aware of, and RFI into the household systems at more than QRP levels of power.

This made digital up to 30 watts the station’s limits.

It did work well enough to place second in one small national digital contest, earn a WAS award, PODXS awards and enough countries for a DXCC if I had only known more about getting confirming QSL’s

I’ll explore in further posts my ideas, choices and results in improving the shack.

My Shack has been the major evolving project at home during this process.

Current set up is:

Flex-Radio Flex-5000A Software Define Radio
The supporting computer
Alpha 78 Amp
QRO King 6m Amp
Palstar AT4K(m) Tuner
Array Solutions PowerMaster SWR/Power Meter
Array Solutions RatPak6n Antenna Switch
Begali CW Machine
AmpKey Transceiver/Amp interface relay
Tennadyne T-8 Log Periodic Antenna – 20m to 10m
Tennadyne T-28 Log Periodic Antenna – 6m to 1.3GHz
W9INN 160m-20m 1/2 Sloper

You can read much more about the present shack capabilities in the posts.

Have picked up some “wallpaper” in the way of awards during the time I’ve written this blog, and close to having a number of those folks I helped Elmer earning the first milestone awards!

I’m almost ready to lay out my short term and next 5 year shack and operations plans, so for now I’ll hold those to be part of a post in the next few weeks.



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