Remembering Memorial Day

A Dutch friend sent this today. He goes out to these sites a couple times a year, think it is something his synagogue asks their members to do. Arthur is an accountant/bookkeeper and has corresponded for years. He is prone to mischief, like having me paged when I transfer through Amsterdam’s airport!

As a young man I had reason on several occasions to be a US Army representative at the French Government’s remembrance events in the Muese region of France, and similar to Arthur found these events very emotional.

After Arthur’s message I have added a reply I had received from a Pilot friend concerning his Great Uncle and WWII.

I’ve also added a short piece I sent to my church this morning (I was at work when they held service) having found out I was recognized as a fallen war veteran today!

To all the families and friends of the fallen warriors who’s blood help earn our freedoms, our hearts are with you as we remember those fallen this Memorial Day.



Begin forwarded message:

From: Arthur

Visited the WW2 section at the commonwealth cemetary in Bergen today.

It is bizarre to find what these brave heroes went through by just typing their names
in Google. Everage age was 22 or thereabout. Youngsters of same age today know very little
about what happened back then.

Here’s an example

And Dave’s addition:

Here is a link to my dad’s uncle’s – Otto Stokes – WWII story.

Subject: I am still Alive!

Working this morning and heard veterans were recognized at service as part of recognition of Memorial Day.

While deeply honored, I can assure everyone that though I was away from service working, I am & remain very much alive!

Memorial Day is recognition for those who have died in combat – it was original “Decoration Day’ when the graves of the fallen were cleaned and decorated. ( Memorial Day )

It is Autumn’s Veteran’s Day is for the remembrance and recognition of all Veterans – it too changed names over the last 60-70 years from Armistice Day to Veterans Day ( Veterans Day )

Every year the HTR Newspaper and about half of the media gets this all wrong in a big way, and this year even Wisconsin Sen Kohl botches it ( ) diverting his address’s focus from the fallen to the returning. Honorable intention, but wrong Holiday Mr Kohl.

As a young soldier I was sent several times to Verdun France to represent my unit as the French Government did Armistice Day. Attending events, including visits to the 130,000 dead interred in the Douaumont Ossuary ( Douaumont Ossuary ) and services among the 25,000 fallen buried surrounding it etched a lasting respect for the fallen.

Again many thanks for the recognition, though it is my hope to remain toes-on, rather than toes-under the dirt for a bit longer!




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