Dayton Ho? – Not for 2010 as it is “Dayton no…”

For 2010 I’m joining the crowd and will be looking forward to reading & hearing about the Dayton Hamvention from the comfort of my own home.

The unwashed Hara isn’t the reason, nor is it the torn up roads between here & there.

Comes down to costs vs benefits, and I’m loath to use the vacation time, spend the money & then face the grubby Hara & vile roads.

Also took an opportunity to start a professional development class which conflicts (I signed up for the course after I had decided to not do Dayton this year).

I’m quite content to do the Hamvention vicariously – with the Podcasts, Streaming Video and Webinars it really doesn’t seem like the travel & expense are worth it!



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One thought on “Dayton Ho? – Not for 2010 as it is “Dayton no…”

  1. David, K2DBK says:

    I’ve never made it to Dayton, and this year I will keep my record intact. I would like to go someday, but it turns out that it’s difficult for me to get away from work around this time of the year, which also means that it’s really hard to plan sufficiently in advance to go in order to get a hotel room in the same state if I did wind up going.

    I do, however, feel like I’ve been there from reading all the trip reports over the years. In fact, as some of you might remember, I wrote up a very tongue-in-cheek writeup:

    I have to say that I just re-read that and I’m curious to see how well it matches for this year.

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