Building Microdiplexers with Victor KC9NWB

With my youngest son Victor KC9NWB I’ve started a Father-Son project to build a Satellite/ISS Antenna and do some contacts.

Rather than buying everything in, we decided to build, and here are some shots of building the Diplexer (I’d been corrected that these are Diplexers to hook two antennas to one radio, rather than Duplexers.)

We’re building a small batch, with two destine for friends.

My workspace was improvised to get the best of natural light and interior lighting.

My Workspace for the Project

I taped a third-hand onto my Panavise and had sourced the very small tools from internet providers.

Teflon Circuit Boards came from Far Circuits and the SMT components came from DigiKey.

Here is the batch of boards being final checked.

Everything was so very small.

Notice the Penny for Scale and the Very Fine Soldering Tip

One of the inductors – a 15nH thing, wasn’t available in the designed package and I got talked into using a smaller one yet! This was a special challenge and the tolerance for installation was basically “nil.”

I think you could breath these little inductors in if you weren’t careful!!!!

Lost one at one point (I was warned and bought extras of everything) and couldn’t find it. Middle son Winston KC9FVR could see it on the hardwood.

When you look under magnification you can see the little coil in it – simply how do they do that!!???

Completed Diplexer Boards with their Coax Cable Harnesses

Next project weekend we will do the mechanical part.

Here are project links:

More as our project progresses!



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One thought on “Building Microdiplexers with Victor KC9NWB

  1. […] time to do the easy part – the physical antennas. (for the Diplexer & Harness Build see  Building Microdiplexers with Victor KC9NWB […]

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