Small Wonder Labs Retro-75 Kit Arrives and Project Start

The Retro-75 Board Kit has arrived this week. It came in two parts, everything but one component which arrived separately a few days latter (there was a note in the first package).

I’ve a satellite antenna project with my son Victor KC9NWB and a frequency reference for my shack to finish, both “on the bench” to complete first, putting the Retro-75 into a May build.

That will give me time to layout & source an enclosure, the second crystal socket & switch I will install and have those items on hand for the build.

My initial post on the Retro-75 is at: Going Retro on 75m AM – Small Wonder Labs Kit

I’m planning to shoot pictures and write something about all three projects as they go along.



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One thought on “Small Wonder Labs Retro-75 Kit Arrives and Project Start

  1. Gary Cheek KG8LB says:

    Finally convinced myself to order one back in November. It only took a few hours to assemble the board portion. I am a Metal Model Maker by trade and I usually make the enclosure at home. This time however I ordered Dave’s optional enclosure package. It seemed a bargain actually when you consider it includes all of the off-board parts as well as the nicely finished and silk screened Ten-Tec housing. Sadly the enclosure was on back order so I set the Retro 75 board aside and waited patiently for the housing. The fact that we were quite busy at work and I was knee deep in a Viking 1, a John Meck T60-1 anda Globe Champ 300 helped me to forget the little 75 Retro for a while.

    The box arrived first Friday in the new year. Following Monday I took a couple of hours to install the board . Thae receiver easily aligned and the TX was making power , no problems at all !
    We responded to a CQ from Joe, W8DCQ. Soon Mike,KD8CVY from about 100 miles North joined in.Good signal reports all around. Later that evening (7:00,prime time) We worked Tennesse ,PA and North Carolina getting S9++ reprts from here near Detroit, MI , DX of about 550 miles.
    Next day we added a micro relay for PTT function, a very worthwhile mod for our uses.
    We have quite a few hours on the little bugger with some real rag-chew QSOs and have yet to charge the 7 Amp/Hour AGM battery that we power it with.
    The receiver is quite remarkable. Sensitive,selective and quite stable. The 4 pole crystal filter is well suited to AM use.
    Can’t hardly wait for the 40M version!

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