(No)Dayton Plans for 2010

A combination of reasons, but I’m passing on the Dayton Hamvention this year.

No bones about it, I find the Hara a dump, but I do like meeting the people!

With a finite number of vacation days (I’ve used all my carry-overs) and the expenses to attend the Hamvention (travel and a place to stay), and the lack of either a pressing shopping list or a “Dayton Buddy” to travel with, I’ve decided to plan something else this year.

That I can speed-read/listen/watch my way through so much of the Dayton content via various webinars, podcasts and streaming efforts, makes the 480 miles each way seem like an undue penalty. Given that a solid third of the route for me is under construction this year…. well it makes a long drive into a big project.

When reasons not to do something seem to be mounting, they often pile-on – of the few tentative Dayton 2010 ideas I had, one had been to visit UltraCell, a Fuel Cell manufacturer who did seminars at Dayton 2009.  Turns out they are deep “do do” having made public their need for lots of cash, and just put everyone on short hours and started terminating their Government Compliance team.  The ham who presented last year is gone too. Seems it is as likely to find them sold or shuttered by the time Dayton rolls around.

Then found that a customer I had hoped to catch on the way will be out of country for several weeks, including Hamvention weekend.

My Contest University sequence is really completed – I recognized that last year when I attended for the their third year, and I think they recognized it this year when they didn’t even email out details to past attendees.  Realistically last year was for the benefit of my son Tom KC9JGD and the present concept of a two-year program is a good idea.  I’m not very keen on Webinar informational presentations though – I didn’t even watch the one on their site – as you can’t “speed watch” a webinar which means they are big timewaster compared to material I can read at my pace.

Enough K9ZW – the cup is not half empty!!  Now it is time for me to plan out what I will do in leu of Dayton.  Do I attend the NRA show the same weekend (with my membership level I get into all the “good stuff”) or just do an Island Activation?

Hmmm….  more soon!



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3 thoughts on “(No)Dayton Plans for 2010

  1. Trevor Munn says:

    Guess with all the hassels involved there’s only so many times you can relook at at the same old things over & over.Does a look at the few new products warrant the trip? I don’t think so!Have a great break doing something else.(always next year).Cheers VK3UF

    • k9zw says:

      Thanks for stopping and commenting Trevor VK3UF

      Been thinking about “next year” and not so certain if it might be time to have a look at some of the warm-weather major hamfest venues which would mean a chance to escape from the winter at the QTH or perhaps one of the international venues?

      Guess it is “pondering” time!



  2. Scot, K9JY says:

    I’d activate an island…a little adventure, still ham radio and will give the deserving a nice QSO in the process.

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