Hiberling TELEFUNKEN Announce Team Production of the PT-8000 HF Transceiver

“Die Firmen Hilberling und TELEFUNKEN Radio Communication Systems haben sich im Frühjahr diesen Jahres entschlossen, die Kompetenzen beider Häuser zu bündeln und mit gemeinsamen Kräften den HF-Transceiver PT-8000 an den Markt zu bringen. Dieses Ziel wird nun Anfang 2010 erreicht sein und die Firma Hilberling wird ihren neuen PT-8000 zur HAM-Radio 2010 vorstellen und ab diesem Termin vermarkten.

Aufgrund ständig neuer Erkenntnisse aus den industriellen Produktentwicklungen der Hilberling GmbH im Bereich der Funknachrichtentechnik wurden im vergangenen Jahr neue Technologien in das Konzept des PT-8000 Transceivers übernommen.

Dieses sind im Wesentlichen die durchgehende 200 Watt Sender-Endstufe von 1,8 bis 150 MHz, großsignalfeste Roofing-Filter (40,7 MHz) sowie ein neues Oszillator-Design.”

Which roughly translates as: “The firms Hilberling and TELEFUNKEN Radio Communication have decided to team together this spring to leverage the capabilities of both firms and combine forces to bring the HF-Transceiver PT-8000 to the market. This target to be market ready is first half of 2010 and Hilberling hope to supply its new PT-8000 2010 to the HAM radio marketplace starting shortly after.

Implementations of new technologies & developments by Hilberling GmbH, especially in Radio Messaging during 2009 have been incorporated into the PT-8000 Radio.

Specifications feature a key-down 200 Watt output on 160m to 2m, a Roofing Filter Design with a 40.7 MHz overall design, and a new oscillator design.”

Very sorry for my quick, rough & ready translation, as there is much more that is being said.

  • The sole photo is of a radio in a shack friendly single color scheme, and in a single 200 Watt configuration.
  • The original 160m to 6m I recall is expanded to include 4m for other regions through 2m.
  • The Team Hiberling-TELEFUNKEN has combined capabilities and corporate massiveness to make the PT-8000 2010 a more mainstream product.
  • The Radio Messaging comment in the release may be more than it seems – is this a level of SDR or of Digital Mode being brought into the PT-8000 2010? [A kind reader helped me out as “Wireless Communications Engineering” is a more accurate translation of “Funknachrichtentechnik” and is nothing to do with SDR. I really struggle with technical German, though in Germany I usually can order a round of beers successfully! Thank you to Hermann DF2DR for the help!]

More when it is announced!



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One thought on “Hiberling TELEFUNKEN Announce Team Production of the PT-8000 HF Transceiver

  1. Hermann Schumacher, DF2DR says:

    “Funknachrichtentechnik” is more likely translated to “Wireless Communications Engineering” which also makes more sense in this context. It does not necessarily suggest Software Defined Radio.

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