NPR: Ham Radio Growing In The Age Of Twitter

My wife called me yesterday to quick turn on the radio, to listen to “Ham Radio Growing In The Age Of Twitter” on National Public Radio’s “All Tech Considered:”

Only a few years ago, blogs listed ham radio alongside 35 mm film and VHS tape as technologies slated to disappear.

They were wrong.

Nearly 700,000 Americans have ham radio licenses — up 60 percent from 1981, a generation ago. And the number is growing.

READ the whole article at:

Listen to the radio version at:

At a ham radio convention near St. Louis, the crowd swapping antenna parts and other equipment is mostly male, and over 50. But 15-year-old Jonathan Dunn is attending along with his father. He says Facebook and texting are fun, but making friends using a $200 radio that doesn’t come with monthly fees is more rewarding.

Nice to see such a positive piece in the media!



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3 thoughts on “NPR: Ham Radio Growing In The Age Of Twitter

  1. That article really leaves me unimpressed. It really says very little about the hobby. Likewise with the sound bite. It would have been nice if the reporter put a little more effort into it.

  2. k9zw says:

    Kevin K0KDS the cup is either half full or half empty, with the mention of Amateur Radio at all to millions of listeners a half-full or better plus!

    All Things Considered has a consistent editorial style, and this piece matches.

    The article is a Transcript.

    It is intended for an audience that likely knows nothing significant about amateur radio – that may not be aware it even exists.

    On the plus, the NPR broadcast has created a buzz. I’ve had it mentioned to me by work colleagues, members of a community band, various club emails and a couple notes from friends.

    Noting the light depth my only wish had been for NPR to have pointed listeners to in depth resources. Some links have been added by those making comments, as a “If you would be interested to get involved, here is how….” part is always a welcome addition.



  3. Paul Coats - AE5JU says:

    ” ‘If you would be interested to get involved, here is how….’ part is always a welcome addition.”

    Yes, we always have the newspaper, anytime they print something about our club activities, even if just a photo and caption, have contact info for those interested in learning more, becoming licensed.

    I’ve mentioned amateur radio to others and response ranges from, “Is that the same as CB?” to “People still do that? Just get a cell phone.”

    Almost anything that sheds a little light is good.

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