Midnight Solutions Announces the NUE-SDR

NUE-SDR Prototype

NUE-SDR Prototype

From a recent email:

FYI, some details of the prototype NUE-SDR option (shown at MassCon QRP
Conference last weekend and currently in development as an optional add-on
accessory for all NUE-PSK digital modems) is now present on the website.
See the link in the ³Modem News² section of the home page.

73, George N2APB


George’s notes:

““NUE-SDR” … an SDR transceiver option for the NUE-PSK Modem — We’re making headway on this newest hardware option for the modem.

We showed off the early/partial prototype at the MassCon QRP Convention this month.

The NUE-SDR is a standalone transceiver consisting of a DSP control board coupled with a the RXTX v6.3 Softrock, both contained in a separate cabinet the same size as the PSK modem.

Designed to be attached beneath the NUE-PSK modem box, and connected to the PSK modem by a short signal cable, the NUE-SDR serves as a 20m QRP transceiver for use with all existing PSK modems.

So now, in addition to no PC being needed for PSK use, there isn’t even a need for a separate transceiver!

This integrated package uses the PSK modem’s graphic LCD spectrum, dial and pushbutton to control the HF transceiver in the lower box to transmit and receive the PSK signals modulated/demodulated in the upper box.

Again, the NUE-SDR is in still only in prototype form, but we are hoping to have product for sale this year with a target price in the $200 range (subject to change), and available as a kit or fully assembled and tested.

(The NUE-SDR will work with all existing NUE-PSK digital modems!)”

Link to the full pdf notes with pictures: http://www.nue-psk.com/NUE-SDR prototype (Mar 18).pdf

George N2APB just did a full update on my NUE-PSK Modem, which was a hugely appreciated service!

I am very much looking forward to his NUE-SDR as an add-on!



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