Flex-5000A Working DX with CW Skimmer and Antenna Switch Videos by W9OY

Lee W9OY has done several additional Flex-5000 Videos:

Showing how Flex/Skimmer DX Contact Goes

Here I (W9OY) work a typical DX pile up on station 3B9WR on Rodriguez Island. I have CW Slimmer connected to Flex 5000/PowerSDR combination which makes for a very formidable DX setup. I already worked the station earlier so I don’t transmit in order to avoid QRMing the pile up. I worked him on the third call using Skimmer to hone in on his receive frequency. My setup consisted of the F5K, a full size 80M vert 1500W and a 43ft vertical resonant on 80M for the diversity antenna. The antennas are about 3/4 wavelength apart on 80M, and on this station and this path the beam steering feature of the F5K did not provide much difference than the standard diversity reception.

The audio for this video comes from CW skimmer instead of PowerSDR since I can’t run Skimmer and feed audio from PowerSDR at the same time. There are no cables connecting Skimmer and the Flex 5000. All the connections are done in software. I hope you enjoy seeing a DX QSO using the Flex 5000. I also hope you listen to how quiet the receiver is and that there are no extraneous beeps or boops even though many strong US stations are very close 73 W9OY

Flex 5000 Antenna switch

This is a demonstration of the power of the Flex 5000 antenna switch. It is a feature not often thought about but it is a feature that gives incredible flexibility to your station.

It allows up to 3 transmit/receive antennas as well as up to 2 independent receive antennas on HF, internal transverter jacks for 2M and 70cm as well as a loop feature that allows you to insert filters or external high performance pre-amps into the receiver line. These features are controllable manually through a popup or can be custom controlled automatically by the band switch. In addition the F5K allows for independent control of up to 3 linear amps. It is a very powerful switch that I use extensively in my SO2R station and to control my antennas for diversity reception.

It is one of the features that allows the Flex 5K to be the control center for an entire radio station as well as streamlining remote base operation In a future video I hope to highlight how I use this feature plus some BCD encoding to automatically choose bands on my amplifier and antenna switch making my Flex 5000 into a 1.5kw auto switching transceiver. Just click and GO 73 W9OY

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