Binaural Audio and Diversity Reception – Making use of Advanced Flex-5000A Features

The Flex-Radio Flex-5000A in my radio room has some very interesting features.

I’ve been able to make good use Binaural Audio, and hope to implement the Diversity Reception opportunity of this SDR transceiver.

Binaural Audio in a nutshell is Audio encoded with a spacial localization, giving the listener an impression of a 3-D placement of the sound sources.

Some impression of the Flex implementation is display in this Youtube:

and in this example where BIN is switched in and out:

Lacking the technical skills to explain the details of the effect doesn’t diminish the power of the BIN setting to pull certain signals out in a way our ears & mind can use to copy signals otherwise lost in noise and other radio signals.

Implementation in my station is to simply toggle the BIN in/out and use the best understandable setting. When BIN is an improvement the impression is several dB in equivalency. It can’t work miracles, nor can it create copyable signal where none exists, but the effect is profound.

The Diversity Receive potential remains unexplored, as I didn’t get my receive antennas completed before winter settled in. This will be a summer 2010 project. I should mention my Flex-5000A has the RX2 optional receiver, which allows for full exploration of basic Diversity Reception.

More on the Flex as I the QSO keep rolling in!



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