More Older Amateur Radio Videos – UK Humour Style

My Friend Paul AE5JU emailed links for these three UK Comedy Videos from an old series called “Hancock.”

He wrote “UK ham humor!” but I am afraid I have to correct him, as it would be “UK ham humour!” when spelled in the Queen’s English

“The Radio Ham” was first Broadcast on June 9th, 1961.

“‘Mayday! Mayday!’

There’s good news and bad news for a motor yacht that’s been holed beneath the waterline, and is sinking off the coast of Sierra Leone.

The good news for the stricken vessel is that its desperate messages have been picked up by a keen radio ham in England.

The bad news is that it’s the lad himself [Hancock] at the receiving end.”

Hancock: The Radio Ham Part 1

Hancock: The Radio Ham Part 2

Hancock: The Radio Ham Part 3

The series is “Hancock’s Half Hour” was a breakthrough BBC comedy series running on TV from 1956, and renamed to just the shorter “Hancock” for its final year on UK TV in 1961.

More on Tony Hancock:

Hope you enjoy these and thanks to Paul AE5JU for sending the links our way!



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