Early Ham Radio – Hardy Boys

I’ve had a couple people email links to a wonderful 1930’s movie clip where the Andy Hardy Series featured Amateur Radio.

[EDIT – 13MAR10 – Please see the comments & links where Ron W6AZ provides clarity that this came from the “Andy Hardy” series, not the similar sounding but different “Hardy Boys” series.  The Permalink URL is technically incorrect by associating the film clip with the wrong series.  Thank you Ron W6AZ for the correct information!]

For your enjoyment:



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3 thoughts on “Early Ham Radio – Hardy Boys

  1. George L. Bartholomew, Jr., K2ODV says:

    That is an AWESOME clip! Thank you for sharing.

  2. WS4E says:

    Wow. That was a special treat for today.

  3. Ron, W6AZ says:

    Your post title says Hardy Boys. This is a nice clip, but not about the Hardy Boys, whose books I read as a kid. And they did include ham radio in their stories as well.
    Your clip is from an Andy Hardy (Micky Rooney) movie, which is not the same as the Hardy Boys.

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