Those Small Important Amateur Radio (Personal) Firsts

Over the past several weeks a number of friends have emailed describing their very important, personal “Amateur Radio Firsts:”

  • First PSK31 Contact
  • First QSO with their brand new license
  • First QSO using their Upgrade Priveldges
  • First Mode X, Y or Z QSO
  • First DX QSO from their new home station
  • and more!

In every case I enjoy sharing that moment of wonderment as they make personal accomplishments in Amateur Radio.

Not all that many of us get to try something “really & truly new” in Ham Radio, and in many cases “the path is well worn” to different operating goals.

That in no way diminishes the personal accomplishment of these Personal Firsts.  To use an example from another sport, just because men have been parachuting in one form or another since the 15th Century doesn’t blunt the personal mastery of fear to make a person’s first jump!

In the same way the first QSO of a new licensee, of a newly assembled station, or first award is special.

It has been a shared joy to learn of each of my friends’ new accomplishments!  Three Cheers to them, and waiting to hear of their next joys!



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2 thoughts on “Those Small Important Amateur Radio (Personal) Firsts

  1. Mark Morgan KB9RQZ says:

    for me a big one was the first time I broke through any kind of pile up just a specail event station but it was the first MY call was gotten through a bunch of others I remmber it well w9 ims I belive was the other guys call was a couple of years ago

  2. Doug K7IP says:

    Steve, I think you have uncovered a very important aspect of why we find ham radio so fascinating. Not only are there a myriad of personal firsts to be found, but each person’s achievement of some goal can be uniquely accomplished. Such incredible variety is what has kept my enthusiastic about the hobby after nearly 46 years on the air. Each time I start a new project, or try a new digital mode, or make a contact with very low power, the excitement of that “first” achievement is just as much fun as the day my Novice ticket showed up in the mail.

    Maybe becoming an achievement junkie is the key to lifelong interest in any activity.

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