Excess Gear for Sale


I’ve not been very good about getting rid of excess gear, and I’m overdue clearing several excess rigs & bits from my shack.  I want another new rig and much of this gear really should find a new home:

  • TenTec 1253 Shortwave Receiver – Built from Kit by an SK, looks unused – $75 plus shipping
  • QRO King 6 meter full Kilowatt Amp built on a Heath SB221.  I lack the room for this outstanding amp in the shack.  – $1200 plus shipping.
  • ATS 909 SW Receiver – Like New – $150 plus shipping
  • NCS-3230 Multi-RX – as delivered new – again won’t fit in my present shack – $350 plus shipping
  • W2IHY 8 Band Audio Equalizer/Noise Gate and EQplus set with Ten-Tec Cables – $550 plus shipping
  • TenTec Pegasus Transceiver – Excellent NOS Like New Condition – Purchased as NOS and only Tested on air – original box, manuals and disks. Includes a 302 remote tuning pod. (This Pegasus does not have the internal AT, but is like new) $600 plus shipping [Retaining as a Back-up, having sold the other two Transceivers]
  • TenTec Pegasus Transceiver – Excellent Used Condition – Has the TenTec Internal Antenna Tuner – Case has light stacking scratches. Includes a 302 remote tuning pod. Manual & disks. $550 plus shipping [SOLD]
  • TenTec Jupiter Transceiver – Excellent Used Condition – was my main rig until I bought the Flex-5000 – original version w/o AT – $850 plus shipping [SOLD]
  • TenTec 1251 RF CounterpoiseThree Available One Left- Excellent Condition – $75 each plus shipping [Sorry, Error in Listing as unit is incomplete]
  • Henry 2K Amp, Original Teardrop Model – with extensive documented added protection circuitry, with roller cart and manual, one meter cover is in shabby shape, otherwise Good Condition. Unable to move down into my shack for complete workout – duplication of the professional upgrades would cost more than my asking price – $800 picked-up, or plus Palletization & Freight costs. [SOLD]
  • Dentron MT-2000A Antenna Tuner – Good Condition – $150 plus shipping [SOLD]
  • Drake TR-7 Transceiver and PS-7 Power-Supply, with a Drake W-4 Watt Meter – consignment from family friends has full filter board and full set of manuals (user & service) – appears in excellent condition – $550 plus shipping  [SOLD]

Contact me for more details. You can find lots of information on these tuners, including photos, at eHam, the manufacturer’s websites and by google.

I’ll leave these posted here for a couple weeks or so before putting out eHam & QTH ads.



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4 thoughts on “Excess Gear for Sale

  1. Mathew Vangel KA1THM says:

    Do you still have the NCS?

    • k9zw says:

      Yes, it is available.

      FOR SALE – NCS-3230 Multi-RX
      Ad Message: NCS-3230 Multi-RX – as delivered new – again won’t fit in my present shack – $350 plus shipping



  2. Mathew says:

    Hello Steve,
    wow I forgot about this message and just by chance searched tonight for the switch again. I this the latest version that is black? I know the new version is 399.00 from NCS and and still serious about buying one.

    KA1THM Mat ka1thm@ka1thm.com

  3. Steve, do you still have this?

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