Mancorad W9DK to LTC Plaque Presentation

On January 27th, as an item of agenda of the Lakeshore Technical College Board, members of Mancorad W9DK presented a plaque to commemorate the first Mancorad/LTC Field Day operation and specifically the contact made from the LTC Field Day site to the International Space Station as it passed overhead.

LTC asked to have a group photo shot (Charles & Jody were in route driving to LTC when we were asked to pose):

Left to Right:
Dr. Michael A. Lanser, President of Lakeshore Technical College
Cindy Huhn, LTC Board Member, is the Village of Cleveland president and Vice President of the Cleveland State Bank
Cher Pao Vang, LTC Board Member is a skills training specialist at the Hmong Mutual Assistance Association (HMAA) of Sheboygan
Carl Demmin KA9WYK, Mancorad W9DK Board Member, Past Mancorad President and co-owner C&L Enterprises
Rich Hoerth, LTC Dean of Business & Industry/Public Safety
Steve Weinert K9ZW, Mancorad W9DK Board Member and Education Coordinator, and Vice President Crafts Inc.

As part of the formal LTC agenda Mancorad W9DK was afforded time to explain Field Day, the significance of the Mancorad-LTC/ISS contact, about our upcoming Mancorad-LTC Hamcram course and touching on Field Day 2010 as a joint effort.

Mancorad W9DK Vice President Charles Lovell KC9KXQ, Mancorad W9DK Treasurer Jody Lovell KC9KVT, Mancorad W9DK Board Member Steve Weinert K9ZW, and Mancorad W9DK Board Member Carl Demmin KA9WYK meeting with the LTC Board.

Carl KA9WYK made the formal presentation as Steve K9ZW talked.

Carl Demmin KA9WYK, Mancorad W9DK Board Member, Past Mancorad President and co-owner C&L Enterprises, presenting the commemorative plaque to John Lukas LTC Board Vice Chair, and Vice President of LDI Industries, Inc.


Thank you to each of the participants in making the contact, doing the presentation and in supporting the club in this effort!




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