Between Moons, but on an Island

Going out in February with the local club (W9DK Mancorad) to do a Winter US Island activation, and once the Island is activated will go QRP under my personal call for some winter QRP.

As we’re keeping an eye on weather and special on the ice (we walk on water, but have to freeze it first) our PR will likely head out 48 or even 24 hours ahead.

Looking forward to catching a few proper PolarBear QRP QSOs and hope to catch some of the other Polar Bear QRP members on the band. (I am #141)

Polar Bears QRP Club Logo

Polar Bears QRP Club Logo

Usually PolarBear QRP activity is on the Saturday most close to each winter Full Moon. Each Full Moon gets a name. The ones near our club event are:

January 30th 2010 – The Wolf Moon (Polar Bears on The Air will be Saturday Jan 30th)


February 28th 2010 – The Snow Moon (Polar Bears on The Air will be Saturday Feb 27th, the nearest Saturday)

I guess I will have to call this a half-moon event!

BTW I am doing some cold temperature testing on a NUE-PSK stand alone digital modem, so perhaps we will even get some digital Polar Bear type QRP time in. I may have to improvise a heater to keep the NUE-PSK’s display screen warm enough to read, as the component spec chart doesn’t say if it really stops working at zero F or if that was just the lower limits of the LCD Screen Manufacturer’s testing.

Also I am setting up a TGE “N8XJK Boost Regulator” with an gell-cell aircraft battery from a C-182 for a QRP power source.

More as we get closer!



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