Learn CW Online – LCWO.NET

I’ve been working with this on-line website to brush up and improve my rather limited CW skills. Works equally well on my Windows or Apple machines, and with the lesson tracking it becomes sort of a self-challenging exercise that is fun to the point of being addictive!

The Web URL is: http://lcwo.net/

LCWO - Learn CW On-Line

From the LCWO.NET Website:

A new website to learn and practice Morse telegraphy has been launched: http://lcwo.net/ – Learn CW Online

There are already hundreds of training programs, MP3/CD courses and practice aids available, but LCWO follows a radically different concept: While sticking to well-proven methods for learning and practice, all you need for using LCWO is a web browser!

This gives the user the liberty to practice CW wherever an internet connection is available, always retaining the personal settings, scores and statistics.

Currently the site, which is available in 20 languages offers a complete Koch method Morse course, code group practice, callsign- and plain text training modes and also allows to convert random text to Morse MP3s.

A high score list is available to compare results with other users, personal statistics help to track training progress.

LCWO.net is a non-commercial project. Creating a free account only takes a few seconds, and you can start practicing CW right away!

Fabian Kurz, DJ1YFK

Technically you do need a bit more than “just” a web browser, as the site uses Java and Flash, while being “on-line” requiring a solid connection for scoring. There are links for MP3 versions, which may allow for self-study without the scoring & lesson tracking.

Will keep you posted how my lessons go, as I improve my CW skills using “Learn CW Online” LCWO.Net



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One thought on “Learn CW Online – LCWO.NET

  1. jack postma says:

    Started lcwo.net cw course now for about a month. I am now at lesson 14 at 25 wpm. Brought in my cw experience from 40 years ago. I never acheived a speed of more than 12 wpm.I like to say: it makes me fun.
    I like 2 items: 1. you are in competition with yourself and 2. you can check your abilities versus i may say the professionals.
    These 2 items gives me the inspiration to continue and find out what my max. personal acheivable goal is. Made yesterday after about 30 years my first dx qso in cw rst 549 with 50wtts.


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