Hamcrams, Hamshacks and Guests

Have been working on materials for the February 6th Mancorad W9DK Hamcram and VE session at Lakeshore Technical College.  Very excited personally to get the W9DK Mancorad Hamcram program fired back up.  Currently have a VE assistance request out for Extra Class VEs to help with upgrade testing, as a number of people have asked to sit higher exams.

Have spent a bit of time in the Hamshack, a maybe 40 QSO quick run at the NAQP (North American QSO Party) but more importantly was able to put a young 11 year old on the air fr his first experience with Amateur Radio.  He did very well and a huge thanks to Ed KD6RUH for helping with the favorable first QSO for this young lad.

Personally we were away  out of country from Dec 17th onwards, returning to have out of country houseguests  arrive Dec 28th and then changed over to family houseguests until yesterday Jan 17th!  At the peak we had 5 teenagers in the house with the extras!

Lots of projects here for my K9ZW radio room.  Some new gear to put up, some lingering minor glitches to sort out and now that the house is back down to just four of us for a while, some radio time to schedule.



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