A Neat Idea – Altoid Tin Sized Prototyping Circuit Board

Block_Toids Circuit Board

Block_Toids Circuit Board

Rex Harper W1REX at QRPme.com has added a LOT of new products over the last year, and one that has really caught my eye is a neat Prototyping Board sized to fit an Altoid Mint Tin and using a solder-to-pad layout he calls “Limerick-Style.”

“The BLOCK_TOIDS prototyping board is the newest board design in the Limerick construction line. It is a silk screened and solder masked Altoids mint tin compatible board with a pre-etched array of tinned, Limerick square pads. Use a combination of thru hole or SMD parts to build a custom project and then simply drop the board into an Altoids or Zomboids tin for maximum portability. Comes with a small assortment of MePad modules for mounting SOIC or DIP parts AND a brand spanking new brushed steel mint tin!”

Simply can’t imagine how many mints he is having to eat to provide a tin with each board!

“….Limerick construction style where the pads & traces are etched on a set of single sided boards with silk screen & solder mask. ….. Limerick construction boards are great for making changes and experimenting as you can change parts without trying to suck solder from holes….”

He is also offering larger Limerick-Style prototyping boards and some 20 other products. I’ve built some of the Tuna-Can kits and they were a lot of fun!

I’ve a project on the bench presently (blog post and pictures soon) after which I want to squeeze in a Limerick-Style project or kit for the experience. Check out Rex W1REX’s neat products at QRPme.com



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