Some of the Things a Person Does Around the Radio Hobby

I had an email setting me to thinking about all the things I do outside and “around” amateur radio.

For the vast majority of us, Ham Radio is one of many interests. Certainly it is the sum of all the things we do that makes us our own style of individual?

For the year I’ve have read 66 books. A few were “heavy” sorts that reduced the count, but the smattering of novels lightened the load in compensation. I also managed a bit more than 20,000 words written in November as part of a Novel Writing Exercise. Fell far short of the 50k goal, but made headway over my prior year’s attempt.

I’ve also a couple handiwork projects are underway – my multi-year Crumhorn Building Project (I’m out of excuses, and it is time to get on with these four instruments), and a Nixie Tube Clock Building project are highlights in the non-radio building handiwork.

Our Garden saw the most magnificent crop of heirloom veggies mostly fed to Deer, Woodchucks and Rabbits this year. Learned a lot and am planning the 2010 plantings already!

Much of the year you will find me playing saxophone, usually Baritone Sax and it’s bigger brother the Bass Sax, with several Big Bands and with the University Wind Ensemble. Every now and then I’ll play a smaller saxophone and I am almost ready to perform with the Contrabass Sarrusophone “sax” in my collection.

Get out shooting every chance I can get – rifle, shotgun and pistol. As a Certified Instructor I get to put my coaching hat on when working on the range with my sons. I’ve done some reloading, but seldom have the time or motivation these days.

Try and get a bit of travel in here and there. This year I’ll have briefly visited six countries and a double handful of states. Wish my visits were longer and the sort that allowed some radio time. Looks like at least part of the family will be UK bound later this spring, but will be a later decision whether I can afford the time off & expense to go as well.

There is my old BMW “Flying Brick” Motorcycle (K-100LT) that needs more riding time. I have a new top-bag to fit before spring riding season. Next to it is a very nice Peugeot diesel that is “simply fun” to drive & show which is also begging for some TLC and driving time.

Did get a fishing line wet a couple times this year and have started getting my Ice Fishing gear ready for the season. Walked out on one of the local lakes yesterday and that was a sharp reminder that I need a new Ice Fishing Shelter to go. Later I hope to do some small lake fishing and perhaps get out on Lake Michigan a couple times.

Mentioning water I’d become a partner in a commercial “tow boat” – a waterborne “wrecker” – that I haven’t actually been out on. That needs to be corrected in Spring.

As I write we are again hosting short-stay students. We’ve had more than a dozen teens from Japan, Germany and now Jamaica stay with us from a week to a month to experience what Upper Midwestern Life is like.

I’ve a concert to play in a few weeks, as I play Bass Saxophone and Baritone Sax for several groups. Hopefully in 2010 I can get some performance time playing the Contrabass Sarrusophone. Looks like one of the Jazz Bands I had played with is on long-term hiatus, so I may have more time to substitute and field my Saxophone Ensemble “The Skunk Hollow & Carp Town Saxophone Conspiracy.”

My sons have been the encouragement to do a bit more shooting, both Sporting Clays and Target in 2009. They are already making plans to co-opt my time to do some bench work and reloading.

There is more, much more, I manage to squeeze in with amateur radio being part of my hobby & life interests.

What are some of the things you do “Around” the Radio Hobby?



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