Podcasts – Coaching at its Best or at its Worst?

Recent experience directly corresponding with a well known Podcaster reminded me that while a podcast or might be a coach but they are not necessarily an expert.

It is often said that a coach needs to be proficient in helping those people they coach excel and achieve new levels of expertise, and do not necessarily themselves need to be experts in what they teach and coach. But it is expected that a coach is doing more than reading from a script, that they actually have some worldly experience — more than fleeting — with the subject matter they are presenting.

I’ve decided not to mention the specific podcaster with whom I had such a disturbing dialogue, as when I reflected I realize that this dialogue had actually occurred several times before. In several cases I had communicated with those less expert than my own experience have provided me experience and training, who are adamant and insistent to explain their version of reality no matter how obviously it was in discord with reality, the laws of physics, and common experience.

When you listen to a podcast you must be aware that you are listening to a voice that may be speaking to you from a deep understanding, an unparalleled level of experience, and a practical approach that is unparalleled anywhere else — or it you may be listening to our rank amateur whose marketeer skills and oratory prowess when combined with a brash self-assured purpose had led them to blather on about things they have never done themselves.

Of course oftentimes the actual level of experience and skill lies somewhere in between being a newsreader — someone who is reading a script put in front of them — and an actual expert. As a podcast listener it is up to us to establish whether the podcaster is credible, experienced, and speaking from expertise they themselves hold.

Obviously this applies to a blog article just as it would apply to this very article you are reading. As the reader of this article is up to you to determine whether my words speak from experience and expertise, or if they speak vicariously from a script.

This is the discernment we each must remember to apply every time we need something on the Internet, download and listen to something from the Internet, or participate in online education on the Internet. Actually the use of the Internet is optional we need to apply this in every aspect of our lives.

When I pushed the podcaster he became obviously irritable and belligerent in his e-mails, including descending into Anglo-Saxon foul language and name calling, which underlined with transparent obviousness that he was waiting outside of his area of expertise, experience and comfort level. If as an e-mail correspondent I could bring him to a level where his language descended to the gutter and his cocksure arrogance led him to name-calling, then he no longer maintain any bona fides in regards to experience or expertise in the material he was presenting.

Digging further and looking at his online video postings it became obvious in many cases he would post part A and part B of “how to do it” videos and never show part C or the finished product. he was learning at the same time his audience was learning. When this is disclosed this is not a bad situation, but when it is not made apparent or even conceal it is a fools game.

As they say in everything to do with the Internet ” your mileage may vary” in what you take away from a podcast or a blog article. Some websites and other well-known authors are reknown for ” telling it as it is” enough factual and truthful fashion. If the speaker or author of the information you have come across neither has this sort of reputation or other obvious credentials, you are receiving a bit of information worth exactly what you paid for it — nothing!

This does not mean the information may be false as an absolute, or that it might not be partially true — but rather it means that the speaker or author was repeating somebody else’s work and from their own personal expertise and experience could not in all honesty put their hand on their heart and tell you they had spoken the truth.




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