The ARRL Special Service Club Program

ARRL Special Service Club – What is it?

Several people have asked if this is an Emcomm thing?

Actually it is a program designed to encourage a “Big Tent” approach to Amateur Radio Clubs where Emcomm plays one of the roles as part of a series of community orientated activities.

From the ARRL Website:

For Special Service Clubs

This section is presented to assist Special Service Clubs in maintaining their SSC status. SSCs have gone through a process above and beyond the requirements for other affiliated clubs. These clubs have demonstrated proficiency in the following areas:

a. Training and supporting local Amateur Radio efforts in licensing, upgrading and continuing education or elmering.

b. Public Relations and improving the visibility of Amateur Radio, promoting it as a positive force within the community.

c. A willingness to become involved in any local emergency or drill.

d. Technical Advancement and encouraging members to become more familiar and knowledgeable in technical Amateur Radio aspects in the community.

e. Operating Activities in which a substantial program is conducted in an area of particular interest of the club; and,

f. Miscellaneous Activities in which ongoing programs or activities are in additional established areas (or suitable substitutes).

What is the Special Service Club Program?

Your ARRL Board of Directors, recognizing that local problems are best solved at the local level. The local club is the best representative of Amateur Radio’s interests at the local level, created the Special Service Club Program. To participate, a club must commit itself to establish a more effective local presence for Amateur Radio for a period of twelve months. In particular, it will establish meaningful programs in a number of areas as specified in the program guidelines. A truly effective SSC will also go beyond the basic requirements and seek to broaden the Amateur Radio experience and capabilities of its members; it will also encourage a spirit of beneficence and camaraderie among its members. In return, ARRL HQ will provide additional support and guidance to those clubs who commit themselves to a high level of performance.

What is the Goal of the SSC Program?

The goal of the SSC Program is to establish a more aggressive, more effective presence for Amateur Radio and the ARRL locally. The goal is also to ensure that necessary skills exist and local resources are organized for an effective response to any local situation where Amateur Radio can contribute as a public service, or can benefit from positive exposure. Encourage affiliated clubs in the section to become more active and, if the club is already healthy and effective, to apply as a Special Service Club (SSC).

Clubs can apply online Work with other section leadership officials (Section Emergency Coordinator, Public Information Coordinator, Technical Coordinator, State Government Liaison. etc.) to ensure that clubs are involved in the mainstream of ARRL Field Organization activities. Encourage new clubs to become ARRL affiliated. Ensure that annual progress reports (updated officers. liaison mailing addresses etc.) are forthcoming from all affiliated clubs. Work on establishing an ongoing relationship with your ACC. Get involved, get active, and your commitment to growth will benefit your club, your community, and the Amateur Radio Service as a whole. Remember, however, that Affiliated Club Coordinators are volunteers. You can make your ACC’s job easier by following a few easy steps: (1) Ensure that your club’s SSC Renewal Form is completed and sent to ARRL HQ, who will then forward it to your ACC for approval. (2) If a problem occurs within the club, notify your ACC immediately; (3) Send a copy of your club’s newsletter to your ACC. He or she would probably enjoy keeping up on your latest club news; (4) lnform HQ and your ACC of any change in club officers. Headquarters requests that courtesy so we can keep our data base of clubs as up to date as possible. Your ACC will appreciate the same courtesy. Take advantage of this important field resource at your fingertips: The Affiliated Club Coordinator. Tapping this important resource is well worth the time!

A great program that our local radio club, Mancorad W9DK, has participated in for some years.



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