Teaching Them – The HamElmer Project Website

I was referred to an interesting web based Elmering project. It seems like it has possibly stalled or taken a short hiatus, but perhaps with encouragement it might be updated:


About the Radio Teacher Project
The Radio Teacher Project goal is to provide free documentation for Amateur Radio Tests.

In early 2006 Google started giving 100 MB of web space for free to its registered users. Using an @gmail.com email account for “RadioTeacher” the web site was created as radioteacher.googlepages.com for the project.

The San Antonio Radio Club needed an instructor in 2001 to teach the Technicians class and I gladly accepted the job. I feel that the only way to grow the hobby was to teach and Elmer (the Amateur Radio term for mentor) anyone with a desire to become an amateur radio operator.

I owe a lot to the hobby/service. In the 1980’s I worked as a laborer and carpenter on the coast of South Texas. In December of 1986 I earned a Technicians license as N5IUT. In a short time I was communicating over packet radio to San Antonio 150 miles away via a digipeater to Harry Ridenour, N0CCW on two meters. Harry was the first radio operator on packet radio in San Antonio and a wealth of packet radio information. Harry (my Elmer) and my father encouraged me to learn more about packet radio, computers and build many projects. My father Louis, N5JKH, and I installed and maintained many Packet Radio nodes during that time. In 1991 with a practical knowledge in computers and networking I changed careers to computers.

I owe the success of my career to Amateur Radio.

Paul Guido, N5IUT
Editor, Radio Teacher Project



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