Use the NTS – Radiograms are Good for Us

ARRL Radiogram Older Form

ARRL Radiogram Older Style Form

Perhaps the Paraprofessionalization of ARES/RACES will make the Radiogram a relic, but they are actually quite useful.

The wikipedia version gives a nice nickel tour of radiograms:

As you might expect the ARRL has info on it:

Another basic description of what it is:

Here is a link to blank forms:

Having the discipline and skilled practice to communicate & pass traffic in Radiogram standard format is a basic skill I hope we never loose.

Here are some more links Paul AE5JU sent me:

I dug these up:

This is a Powerpoint presentation, Getting Started With Traffic Handling:

Traffic handling:
This used to be in the old ARRL Net Operations manual that some DEC have (not sure of the exact title) [but appears to be] no longer in print. Now you can download it as pdf files.

You can also buy these “Message Pads” from ARRL. I have some of these, the yellow and green pads. I don’t know how important these cards are.

Radiogram forms, print your own: Printer friendly, less black.

The ARRL has just published an article reminding us on Radiograms:



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2 thoughts on “Use the NTS – Radiograms are Good for Us

  1. Paul Coats AE5JU says:

    I have the above Radiogram form #1320 as an Excell file. I created that so that I could type into the blanks via computer, instead of hand writing the forms.

    At the suggestion of our ARRL Section Manager I added another tab, an ICS-213 message form.

    And a further suggestion from him, I created a third form, which is basically the preamble line from the Radiogram, and the body of the 213 form, making a form useful for both purposes. This is on a third tab in the same file.

    The file can also be used to just print blank forms, if that is wanted.

    A request for a copy of this file can be obtained by looking up my call sign at QRZ and emailing me with the subject line “Radiogram Form”.

    Paul – AE5JU

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