VE3NEA’s Ham CAP Propagation Prediction Tool

I’ve been running Alex VE3NEA’s Ham CAP 1.61 on my station PC.

Other software created by Alex Shovkoplyas, VE3NEA includes DX Atlas, DX Bulletin Reader, CW Skimmer, Morse Runner and more, marketed under his Afreet Software, Inc. moniker.

Ham CAP 1.61 is his HF propagation prediction tool for Amateur Radio and one of his Freeware programs.

Essentially Ham CAP 1.61 does a graphical interpreted presentation of space weather data gathered from the net.

Comparing its maps with DX spots I’ve found the correlation between the map’s predictions and reported spots is solidly evident.

More once I’ve a couple months of running Ham CAP 1.61



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One thought on “VE3NEA’s Ham CAP Propagation Prediction Tool

  1. N4EMG - Ed says:

    I’ve been using DX Atlas because it interfaces directly with my logging program. When I first used it as a standalone program I thought, “Gee, this is nice, but…is this all it does?” Then I began using it with my logger and saw how seamlessly it works and how much better it is than the built in map/atlas. But it wasn’t until I temporarily switched to another logging program which didn’t use DX Atlas that I discovered how much I really appreciated the work that went into it. Good stuff.

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