Post Number 900 to With Varying Frequency – Amateur Radio Ponderings

It is a sort of nonsense milestone, but in the fashion that WordPress counts Blog Posts, this is my 900th update to With Varying Frequency – Amateur Radio Ponderings.

For the most part my original project goals are continuing, a chance to share what others have been kind enough to teach me about Amateur Radio and gather those lessons in one spot.

I’m comfortable with the formula and the hundreds of people who read With Varying Frequency daily appear to also be OK with things, on a good day perhaps a thousand people have a read.  I thank them all.

Looking forward, I am hoping to have more guest posts and to slowly move select items of content to a static webpage format where new amateur radio enthusiasts can more quickly find them.

I’m not happy with the “Tag Cloud” implementation of the blog, nor the blog diary-pages format, and will favor a more conventional keyword index & organization in developing the static articles.

I very much hope that at least a few potential hams and new hams have in some small way been helped by something in what I have written over these 900 posts.



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