Amateur Radio Bits and Pieces – An Update from K9ZW

Have been pretty busy with work and family, enough to limit my on-air radio time to a few hours a week.

An upgrade to the Flex-Radio Flex-5000A’s PowerSDR software has me back in the Digital modes again, and did work some PSK31 this weekend.

A night or two each week you can find me on the Everynight 160m Net at 00:00z around 1.895

Have been very much enjoying hearing of Paul AE5JU’s experiences getting started with Digital Modes. Well done Paul!

My one-off (hopefully) Alpha-78 Amp fuse issue seems to have been solved with the new fuse. Wonder what upset the old one that blew?

Have too many projects to get sorted out, untested antennas, updated NUE-PSK Modem to try out, portable radio rigs to get set up and into my “go kit.”

More soon,



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2 thoughts on “Amateur Radio Bits and Pieces – An Update from K9ZW

  1. Tim WB0DMA says:

    Thanks for the update. Does Paul write a blog?

    • k9zw says:

      Afraid Tim WB0DMA that Paul AE9JU is too busy experiencing Amateur Radio first hand to have started a blog.

      I have asked him to guest write articles which I will post here.



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