Right There With CW – Illustrated Self-Guided Course On How To Use The Slide Rule

Slide Rule Example

Sliderule Example

I’m a fan of things Nomogram, like Slide Rules, and on discovering this wonderful on-line Slide Rule course wanted to share it with you.

Illustrated Self-Guided Course On How To Use The Slide Rule http://sliderulemuseum.com/SR_Course.htm

The course is excellent, a virtual Slide Rule is available on-line to try your virtual hand at working a Slide Rule, and there is a Downloadable PDF version of the course linked: http://sliderulemuseum.com/SR_Class/OS-ISRM_SlideRuleSeminar.pdf

There are great benefits to at least understanding how a Slide Rule works, and it is simply fun to do “QRP Computing” with one!

Hope you enjoy the links and give a Slide Rule a whirl!



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2 thoughts on “Right There With CW – Illustrated Self-Guided Course On How To Use The Slide Rule

  1. Bob K0NR says:

    I would think that for the VERY serious EMCOMM operator, having slide rule skills is absolutely essential (in addition to CW, of course….goes without saying but I had to say it because the future of the world depends on it).

    What happens when your computer and scientific calculator both fail (can you say “EMP”?) and you need to calculate the tangent of a critical phase angle? The slide rule equipped ham radio operator will flip open his relic from the past and make the calculation…..when all else fails.

    73, Bob K0NR

  2. k9zw says:

    I have been very pleased to find that a printed color copy of the course, with a slide rule on top of it, when left on a family room table has become the inspiration for middle son Winston KC9FVR to start the course.

    He has been pondering and asking questions, while working through the exercises!

    Learning a life-skil while having fun! Fantastic!

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