For the Want of a Nail – 50-Cent Station Necessities

For the want of a Nail – Fuse – my station is off 160m. For no apparent reason my Alpha-78 Amp blew a fuse and I had no spares on hand.

Most bands I can work quite successfully without an Amp, but 160m seems to all but require the amp’s QRO efforts to push my signal out.

On a Sunday Afternoon the 3AB-314 15A 250V fuse was not only something I didn’t have a spare for, but something the then open Hardware outlets didn’t have.

A trip today to the electrical supply house should sort out the problem, and I will put up a few spares in my Ham Shack tool box.

It is the “For the Want of a Nail” – lacking those 50-Cent Station Necessities – that shut me down on a favorite band.

I simply had overlooked having proper spares.

Lesson learned, and as I do my station layout redesign I will make a list of the various fuses and other “50-Cent Station Necessities” that I should have on hand.

UPDATE A new Fuse seems to have sorted out the problem, and I now have several spares.



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