Further Thoughts on the K9ZW Operating Desk Redesign

Having further thoughts on doing the redesign of my operating desk. Have started recording what switches I need to access at what points, making a list of what I need to be able to see.

Some items are “start & forget” for the most part – Power Supplies, Amp Keyer Interface, and similar items only need to be accessed to start or stop the station, in normal operating conditions.

Other items are “band switch” items that really only have to be manipulated and monitored when switching bands or antennas.

Several of these “band switch” items can be automated. When run in their automated modes, with their software control showing on the screens, they approach becoming “start & forget” items.

Then there are the “see to adjust” items where I need to have access to their controls and be able to read their indicators or screens. Without having good access to these controls and their feedback indicators, my station would be much less effective.

Another important consideration is the “I/O gear” being the Input/Output stuff like Keyboards, Monitors, Microphones, Speakers, Headsets, mice and HMI (Human Machine Interfaces – fancy for USB knobs). These are the ones I really need to have access with absolute ease.

I’ve not really decided how to handle “Other Stuff” – whether I should ban these items from the shack, let them happen ad hoc, or plan them in. Have to think some more about these things.

I am considering three modes of operation – First the Usual DX/Ragchew using the Flex-5000 as the radio, Second a Contest Mode of operations, and Third being alternate configurations like a different Transceiver in use or no computer use.

In a week or so I should have my charts to start analyzing for access, line of sight and control issues.



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