American Preppers Radio Net

The American Preppers Network “Ham Radio Net” calling CQ CQ CQ….

“Here we go folks it’s Thursday and once again it’s time to crank up the RF and take to the air with the AMERICAN PREPPERS RADIO NET.
We hope you will come join us once again for the 20 meter net. We will be throwing our voices out over the air at 9 pm EST on or around 14.320 +/_ a bit to find a clear frequency. Lots of fun and remember everyone is welcome on our nets, so tell all your friends to come join us as well. 

W4DMH Dave will be net control tonight and for those that have not heard he is sometimes called Santa even over the AIR”

Brainchild of Dave W4DMH & Bob KI4HEE the net is currently meeting at 14.320 (20m band) at 9pm Eastern Time.



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One thought on “American Preppers Radio Net

  1. Dave Hill says:

    I commented on the Amateur’s code twice trying to get it here somehow sorry but I also like that post.

    Thanks for the post.

    We do appreciate you helping to spread the word.

    We would welcome you to submit a post if you wish to the site


    W4DMH Dave better known as Santa

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