Tracking QSO Parties, some of the best of Amateur Radio’s Fun Events

QSOParty.Com is a website dedicated to tracking and announcing news on QSO Parties:

QSO is short for “Can you communicate with me?” per the American Amateur Radio Relay League’s (ARRL) chart.

A QSO Party is an organized Radio Contest style event to encourage making contacts with a specific group or location. Usual sponsors are State Amateur Radio Groups, Special Interest Groups of Radio Amateurs and sometimes contrived groupings just to make the event fun.

Check out to find out more!



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5 thoughts on “Tracking QSO Parties, some of the best of Amateur Radio’s Fun Events

  1. I enjoy QSO Parties and try to make a few contacts when one is going on whenever I can. Sometimes it seems they schedule a QSO Party when there’s another very active contest that weekend and that is certainly a bit confusing.

    The web site you posted isn’t one I’ve seen before so I’ve added it to my list. Hopefully the individual maintaining the site as there were only 2 posts to the blog in 2009 and this is “the year of the state QSO parties”.

    For me, the most important piece of info to find for a QSO party is the list of the county abbreviations that need to be logged. The operators on the other end don’t always provide an abbreviation or the exact abbreviation that needs to be entered in the logging program so you need to find the list online so when they say something like Montrose county you know to enter mot and not mon.

    • k9zw says:

      Gasp, revisiting the site you are right – it is not very up to date.
      Shame given the great idea. Will be dropping the site owner a note to see what is up.



  2. After reading this post and seeing the other site I made a note to myself to consider creating a page that lists all the State QSO Parties by date and a link to whatever (some times very little web info) that is available.

    We’ll see what happens over the coming weeks. Not a lot of time, but I think it is worthwhile.

  3. John KX4O says:

    I sure could use some help with meaningful posts to I meant for this site to be run by the ham community, not just a lonely blogger.

    I run ham help desk too and that has been consuming most of my attention of late.

    Thanks for the ideas above. I will see what I can do and am eager to hear your ideas for the site.

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