The W9EVT Mega-Shack – Radio Heaven

My friend George W9EVT has made major progress on his shack – the pictures say it all!

W9EVT Shack - Main Hall

W9EVT Shack - Main Hall - Other End

W9EVT Shack - Main Hall - Other End

There are more pictures at his page and the Greengate Farm Website.



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7 thoughts on “The W9EVT Mega-Shack – Radio Heaven

  1. Martin AA6E says:

    It’s very pretty. What I’d like to know is why would anyone build this?

    It could be a monument to the pack rat instinct!

    • k9zw says:

      Hi Martin AA6E

      George W9EVT’s shack and “Ham Hotel” has a master plan. Don’t confuse the size and quantity of items with randomness.

      It is a PHENOMENAL place to relive one’s Ham Radio past, do A-B Testing of various rigs (I spent hours rotating between an Orion II, IC-7800 and FT-2000, and loved every minute of it) and contrast older generations of technology with the latest (George’s Flex-5000A should deliver this week!).

      A fantastic place to stay and “play radio!”

      I’m not wishing the responsibility of such a Mega-SHack/Museum on myself, as I am more easily contented with a radio or two, but it sure is fun to visit!



  2. Mark Morgan KB9RQZ says:

    still it looks a bit obessive but it is his place his rules

  3. Jeff, KE9V says:

    I wouldn’t mind having that collection if I could hire someone to keep it dusted! :-)

    It is very impressive and a good looking museum. Would love to visit it one day.

    73 de Jeff, KE9V

  4. Cliff Allen says:

    George,obviously I did not who I was talking toduring our QSO!!!!WOW But I do now.Enjoyed your history lesson about ICOMS and others.Would love to visit ur shack but it would take a month!!I was impressed with ur SX-28.That was the most impressive radio that Hal made at that time.I had one in the ARMY Sig.Corps.The HRO was a better receiver but I just loved my SX-28.Thanks for the memories,george!Vy 73 cliff.K4DKO

  5. joseph earley says:

    fantastic shack..would love to put it on my holiday to do list..joe ei4gx

  6. K2CLH says:

    Nice posting of George’s setup. When I am at my lake house I work him on the Ohana Net.

    ten years old

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