Original 13 Colonies Independence Day Special Event

Original 13 Colonies Independence Day Special Event

July 1st to July 4th 2009, all thirteen 1776 original colonies will be on the air. One S.E. station per Colony state.

A full color certificate printed on heavy card stock or parchment paper, with a map and the state flags of all the 1776 colony states will be available to to each station who works one or more or ALL of the Special Event stations.

Each colony state worked will be marked by the shield of the United States by each state flag.

Special event call signs will be used.

Callsigns for the Event:

K2A – NY
K2B – VA
K2C – RI
K2D – CT
K2E – DE
K2G – GA
K2F – MD
K2H – MA
K2I – NJ
K2J – NC
K2K – NH
K2L – SC
K2M – PA

Full details on:

Between work and other commitments I will struggle to get all 13 worked in the July 1st to 5th event, but will give it a shot!



3 thoughts on “Original 13 Colonies Independence Day Special Event

  1. David Little says:

    Has anyone worked RI; K2C?

    That is the last one for me, and haven’t heart the station or seen it on the cluster.


  2. Waldyn Murillo TI1WMP says:

    Por favor que coloquen antena hacia centroamérica… para Costa Rica..

    [Please direct that antenna towards Central America… for Costa Rica..]

  3. […] written about this particular event several years ago (Blog Post Link: Original 13 Colonies Independence Day Special Event), though each year past I always came up short a good number of […]

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