Gains in Numbers of Radio Amateurs – Never say Die

Was somewhat surprised and encouraged to have recently read the USA FCC Licensing analysis from George K3UD:

Overall we had a 12 month increase of 12,877 or an average of 1,000+ per month. I was not that long ago when we were averaging about 2,000 a month.


We Gained:
9,092 – Tech/+
4,427 – General
3,090 – Extra
16,609 – Total

We lost:
1,703 – Novice
2,029 – Advanced
-3,732 – Total

+12,877 gain for the the time period from 6/15/08 – 6/16/09


Excellent news that we’re not all fading away in aged retirement!

Our local club has an increasing number of youth involved, and I can think of a handful of Extra Class licensees in the area who are too young to vote!



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