Will our Coax Tools & other Knives get us in trouble?

<<< NOTE on Use of Partisan Sources – I’ve had a couple people mention that sources like World Net Daily offend them. Daily I skim & read a huge variety of world wide on-line news services, ranging from the UK Guardian Newspaper to the Wall Street Journal. Every end of the political spectrum. >>>

<<< For many news items there are multiple sources across the political spectrum, but in most cases one source or another is the early adopter, and as the first to carry a bit of news will put their partisan spin on the issue. >>>

<<< I am sure as readers each of you is able to tell when a source, whether it be the DailyKOS or World Net Daily has layered their agenda over the real issue. >>>

<<< In this case the real issue is that everything from an official Boy Scout pocket knife to a Leatherman’s Tool will be reclassified as a Switchblade, carrying a potential Federal Felony charge if carried interstate. >>>

<<< Whether it is part of a master political scheme to control the world or just bad workmanship by a rule writer, at this moment who cares? >>>

<<< The fact is unless this badly formed ruling is set aside every one from Farriers to Falconers – from Radio Amateurs to EMTs – from Military Reservists to Boy Scouts from Pilots to Boatsmen – from Fishermen to Hunters – will have some of their usual tools reclassified with the long controlled true-Switchblade & Automatic Knife. >>>

<<< If the source of the bad news offends, please go ahead and do the “shooting of the messenger” you personally need to satisfy your own political bias, but don’t forget to take a look at the real message & act on it! >>>

<<< 73 >>>

<<< Steve >>>
<<< K9ZW >>>
— added 12 June 09 —-

Headlines read:

Obama move would eliminate 8 of 10 pocketknives
‘If this were to pass and you cross the state line with one, it’s a felony’

This is the sort of excess of power that neither solve a problem, nor endear the people to a state that ends up appearing as oppressive.

Almost every collectors knife I’ve owned, including the ones I had donated for gifts for the Bishop’s Discretionary Fund missions to Central America could carry a felony conviction if transported across state lines if this new definition of switchblade stands.

Even our coax cutters technically would fall afoul of this change, making it a felony to travel across a state line with an automatic coax tool, much less the leathermans type tool one usually has in their gear!

We need to let our politicians know this one doesn’t work – it won’t fly.

Unfortunately the new opinion has been published by the government.

Roughly about page 32 onwards in http://www.cbp.gov/linkhandler/cgov/trade/legal/bulletins_decisions/bulletins_2009/vol43_05222009_no21/43genno21.ctt/43genno21.pdf it starts.

You can go to http://www.cbp.gov/ (US Customs & Border) and search on Switch Blades. Published in their Vol. 43 no 21 set of decisions, if you want to do the basic search yourself.

The change in rules is clearest page 63-65 of the pdf.

There is quite a buzz about it – I first saw the links on a camping/survival/first aid website a fellow was in the service about the same time as you and I were in, writes.

He complains that the main articles were partisan and likely attributed the responsibility for the new rules higher than likely, but the ruling and extremely short comment period are factual.

Personally I don’t think this is a presidential level decision, and it peeves me that the usual drums are beating about politics making it hard to get past the noise to the fact a silly new rule looks like it will come into play.

The scary problematic redefinition of switchblade to include almost any folder is there, it is published by our government, and for some reason they have it on a fast track process.

BTW the UK has not only done this change in knife policy, but made it illegal to own any but a kitchen knife over a short length.

Hopefully it goes away, but if not we’ll have to be careful to purge our hobby, work & sporting gear of anything that might trigger this new extended switchblade definition certainly if we cross the borders and if we are prudent we’ll make sure we don’t cross a state line with a folder.

Kind of makes me shudder to think that the small gift knives I supplied for mission use (they ended up in Honduras and elsewhere in Central America ) could get a person into trouble.

Shoot thinking about it I have a folder that will soon likely qualify as a “switchblade” in my instrument repair kit.

After reading the definition many coax tools are questionable, despite never being intended to use used on anything other than cable.

If this thing passes and become our new definition of switchblade I’ll have to go through about everything. I know my deer hunting knife will be a no-no under the new rule too.

Deadline for public comments is June 21st, and if not overturned the new rules go into play June 30th.

Watch this one carefully and do your part to make your voice heard rejecting this new rule.







The Knife Issue Plainly Explained.

YouTube – Help Us Defend Your Knife Rights (by the American Knife & Tool Institute)



3 thoughts on “Will our Coax Tools & other Knives get us in trouble?

  1. Glad to see you had commented on this Steve!

    Another location with info. about this is http://Kniferights.org. Basically, like you said, anything that could be considered assisted opening under their definition of switchblade is at risk. I carry a knife with a thumb hole in it for 1 handed opening. This would be illegal by their definition.

    People still have time to comment. They are only accepting snail mail comments that they receive by June 21st. MAIL THEM NOW!! Kniferights.org has sample letters you can use. Also write your congress person.

    If you feel that this would only apply to people entering the country, think again. The only federal definition of a “switchblade” is from the Federal Switchblade Act. Guess who wrote it? Customs. Now they want the 80% of all knives in the US by expanding that definition.

    Matt, kc8bew

  2. Bob K0NR says:

    When coax cutters are outlawed, only outlaws will cut coax.
    Count me as an outlaw and let the revolution begin.

    73, Bob K0NR

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