New Tower Electrical Junction Box

Installed a new junction box at the base of my tower today.

Outside of the Box

Outside of the Box

Custom fabricated of 24 ga. G-90 Galvanized steel, with secondary stand-off inner walls 1 inch inwards of the same. The inner walls allow me to attach to the box without running fasteners through to the outside.

I have to fabricate the panels I will attached as modules to the inner walls, as I will have one switching panel and one lightning arrest panel, and for now I have reconnected everything and jammed it in the box.

In the box

In the box

Current feeds to this box are:

From the underground conduit from the house: Feed Line (Bury Flex), spare Feed Line, Cat-5 wired as Remote Switch Controller Wire, Spare Cat-5, Bury Grade 8 wire heavy duty rotator control cable and a THNN “pull wire”

From outside of the box: Three Antenna Feed Lines (one from the T-8 HF Log Periodic, one from the T-28 VHF/UHF Log Periodic, and one from the W9INN Half-Sloper), Rotator Cable continues out.

Missing is the ground strap to inside the box. The previous commercial box had a sort of grounding buss, but I have some #4 insulated braided wire to make the needed ground connection.

Cover slides up and then is captured by three screws.

Conduits are 3″ dia. (nominal) UV resistant exterior grade Schedule 80 PVC.

The box is supported by three points – two Uni-Strut support brackets anchored into the concrete base and the underground PVC conduit.



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