Planting Around a Tower

Planters Around Tower

Planters Around Tower

The Tower here is a TriEx LM-354 55 Ft Crank Down unit (it picks up the extra foot from the Tip-Over assembly) on an oversized base. I sized the base for the newer LM-470 (now by Tashjian Towers) to provide for an upgrade option down the road.

Though we have a large lot, there were limitations on where a tower could go, and since the tower went up I’ve often looked at the lawn around it wondering what I could do to make it more attractive.

We’ve had four 6-1/2 ft x 6-1/2 ft raised bed planters built & filled, in a harlequin-pattern around the concrete base. Because of the slope the beds are tiered.

I’m in the midst of installing a small hemmed copper angle inside the boxes. The roughly 1 inch wide copper band will cut down on slugs, snails and certain other garden pests, as they dislike the “taste” of the copper refusing to cross it.

My grounding-halo is secure underneath the new beds, and one planter had to be notched to clear underground conduits carrying feedlines, power, rotor control cables and remote switch control lines.

At the bottom of the beds scrap 3/8 inch thick geotechnical fabric was laid in where the sod had been removed, providing a root & pest resistant barrier under the 14-16 inches of new composted soil fill.

A new junction box I had made will clear, holding the lightning protection, remote switch and connectors.

Soon all around the tower we will have four nice gardens going. A bit worried that a lot will be fed to the deer, possibly requiring deer fencing to get a harvestable crop.

Planter Slug-Strip Detail

Planter Slug-Strip Detail

Pictures soon,



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One thought on “Planting Around a Tower

  1. Phil Camino says:

    Nice idea, Steve. I am going to do the same thing to comply with my wife’s conditioned permit to have two towers in the backyard of our 2 acres lot. Hi..Hi..
    73, Phil-KP3AC

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