Post Dayton Hamvention 2009 Thoughts – Part 6

“Parallel Universes” is a cheesy way to point out that many of us have other interests which also have major convocations.

Over the last several years I’ve attended the NRA National Show, The Shot Show, the International Saxophone Congress, the EAA Fly-In at Oshkosh and several smaller events. You may have attended a mix of events matching your interests.

In these hobby “Parallel Universes” we arrive at expectations on how we will interact with our hobbies. I don’t play at the level of the most technically junior saxophonists at the International Saxophone Congress, but no other single place could I learn as much and hear players of this level. The last session I attended was held in a major University’s Fine Arts complex, profoundly clean, well organized and in general an absolute blast.

The Shooting shows are stunning in the level of speakers, the quality of exhibitions & vendors, and the opportunity to see & handle the finest offerings in the sport shooting field.

Oshkosh is at a different level, being the largest general aviation event in the world. I don’t always agree with some of the Oshkosh politics (maybe it would be better if I never heard about them) but the show is first rate.

Another one of the “Parallel Universes” we experience is attending professional shows. Again over the years I have attended construction, footwear (at one point I ran four shoe factories), machinery shows & numerous smaller specialty shows throughout Europe and the USA.

These shows long ago have learned they either have to put out a commercially acceptable product, or they will be done for.

Some of the “Parallel Universes” speakers I’ve heard speak over the years have included Gen. Colin Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Gen Schwartskopf, Sin John Paul Harvey Jones (Chairman of IEI), Lord Young, Former Norther Ireland Prime Minister Enoch Powell, Former President Ford and many more.

Standards in these “Parallel Universes” is pretty consistent – good quality venue, lots of local amenities & services, good transport, first rate speakers, first rate educational seminars, and very high quality exhibitors.

To each of these major shows in their “Parallel Universes” there are flea-market style gatherings of a similar nature, though as far as I know non have them collocated at the same time.

“Parallel Universes” – what qualities does yours have and how does it contrast to the present Dayton Hamvention?



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