Post Dayton Hamvention 2009 Thoughts – Part 4

“Where be Tomorrow?”

Yeah, if Dayton was not to be the location of the “big one” of annual Amateur Radio convocations, where would it be?

Several things would need to come together:

  1. Location
  2. Location
  3. Location

Ok, so I borrowed the classic real estate valuation guideline, but really “location” is likely to be the primary factor.

A decent location would have:

  • Interstate access
  • Near or at airline access
  • Suitable Exhibition Hall
  • Hotels & Infrastructure Support
  • Sponsoring Group(s)

Suggestions have been trickling in, with the major Ohio towns mentioned, Indy, Kansas City, several locals in Kentucky & Tennessee, suggestions of combining the Hamvention with one of the newer regional events, and an interesting idea of having the Hamvention rotate between four cities.

Will cover more on thoughts about “Where be Tomorrow?” in my last thoughts on Dayton 2009, as their definitely is an interest to locate to a quality venue.



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One thought on “Post Dayton Hamvention 2009 Thoughts – Part 4

  1. Don - WS4E says:

    Louisville is a great location with the loads of brand new, clean, excellent facilities.

    1) The Kentucky Exposition Center (KEC) (now the sixth largest facility of its kind in the United States) features over 1.2 million square feet of indoor exhibit, meeting and public space.

    2) The Kentucky International Convention Center has 300,000 square feet of space and can accommodate a wide variety of sizes and types of events with ease.

    Having this much great convention space means the price is lower, and the quality is higher.

    And having the hotel capacity for hosting the Kentucky Derby and Thunder over Louisville (3/4 of million people attend every year) means that Hotels are plentiful and airline service is excellent.

    And its right in the middle of the country, which is perfect for all those that can drive to the location. There is not many other cities that are centered between so many large cities, there is reason why UPS chose it as their central hub location for their fleet.

    Louisville is no stranger to hosting large conventions every year. Its hugely popular with a number of large regular conventions.

    American Legion National Convention
    Southern Baptist National Convention(huge)
    National Farm Machinery Show(huge)
    International Construction Utility Equipment Expo
    Street Rod Nationals (huge)
    North American International Livestock Exposition (huge)
    Annual National RV Trade Show

    I am sure an event the size of the Hamfest would be great held in Louisville.

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